Currently paused due to Coronavirus crisis, we are exploring video options for families to access online.

We’re running a Year of Yoga and Mindful Play for children with Hemiplegia aged 3 to 8, and their families. There will be a series of 12 workshops, led by a qualified yoga teacher specialised in teaching yoga for children with special needs and disabilities. Children with hemiplegia are sometimes diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, so three sessions will also include sections led by by an Attention Autism practitioner to explore some great creative ways of engaging the children’s attention.

The workshops will be fun and will specifically support the physical wellbeing and development of children with hemiplegia. The yoga will be followed by playful crafts activities, inspiring the children to use their hemiplegia-affected hand in fun and confidence-building ways. The workshops will include a tasty shared lunch, giving time for the children, parents and facilitators to relax, chat and play together.

It can be helpful for children with hemiplegia to meet other children like themselves: children with an AFO splint, or an affected hand that doesn't work so well, to help them know that they are not alone. Adults with hemiplegia will also be supporting these workshops, sharing valuable understanding, experience, knowledge and skills, and joining in to encourage children and increase parents' understanding of hemiplegia. We can all learn from each other in a welcoming and friendly community.

The more children with Hemiplegia can explore using their affected side in their early years, the greater the possibilities for their brain plasticity to create stronger neural pathways to connect with their affected side. It can be invaluable for children and their parents to have skilled and creative input, bringing encouragement and ideas in a rich variety of ways to explore using their affected hands and limbs, in a fun, safe, and connecting context.

These sessions are free of charge, generously funded by Awards for All. Please book in advance, as numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 children (plus parents or guardian for each child) per session. We encourage parents to book for as many sessions as you can for your child, to create some continuity and repeated opportunities for learning and progress. The places are for children with hemiplegia aged 3 - 8 years old, and a parent or guardian must accompany the child for the whole session.

The dates are as follows: (Six more dates to be confirmed in early 2020.)

Please email to book.

Please email to book.


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