Veterans and Service members of the Armed Forces

If you have returned to the UK from military service overseas, recently or long ago, we'd like to contribute all we can to welcoming you home and supporting your wellbeing.

Like many others, you may feel deeply changed as a person by what you have been through in military service, and you could be finding that coming home is difficult. We believe meditation can be of real value in the healing process for military veterans, including those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress caused by experiences in war. We would like to meet you and to offer you the benefits of meditation in some:

Our aim is to support you to find peace of mind, to sleep easier, to be comfortable inside your own skin, to experience improved relationships and to feel connected to a community that respects and cares about you.

You are not alone.

We are civilian meditation teachers. We haven't been out there fighting alongside you, but we would like to be alongside you at home. Like you, we've been trained thoroughly - we've been working with meditation over many years. We understand how the actual terrain can feel a lot different to the map - inside ourselves as well as out there, and it can be very tough. We know that veterans also have experience that civilians need to listen to and learn from. Meditation can help us find our natural basic goodness and peace of mind.

The London Meditation Project team offer you our years of experience in meditation teaching and practice. Please contact us with any questions.

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